Employee Care

Our priority is to make every effort to ensure the needs of our Baker’s Bay employees and their families are addressed. Please continue to check this website page as we will be making important updates with information for our employees.   Please use the contact information below to reach out for help.

How to Contact Help

Please call or email us for help.

Phone: +1 (242) 577-2038
Email: employeecare@bakersbayclub.com


Who can I contact to find out about the status of other employees?

Please email us at employeecare@bakersbayclub.com to receive updates with any available information.

Where can I go to look for missing people?

The names of more than 5,500 people have been posted on https://dorianpeoplesearch.com/ . You can search the database or add information to the website. Please note this site is not managed by Baker’s.